What Inspires Vedna?

Building a Stronger School Community!

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then… find the way.” — Abraham Lincoln

As a Plymouth School Committee member, I believe in the importance of quality public education for everyone. While Plymouth does have a great school system with many resources, we can work on creating a better partnership between parents, students, educators, and the district. Where effective communication and transparency allow for a seamless avenue for students and parents to take advantage of learning options that are available. I want to be a conduit for parents, educators and the community, along with the school committee, to encourage the questions and conversations that promote engagement. I will work with educators to learn what additional resources are needed to support them and further promote a successful learning environment in their classrooms.

I believe in the whole child. Not just graduating kids who are academically robust, but emotionally and socially sound who are civic-minded and globally aware citizens. I will assist the School Committee in achieving their goals as outlined in their Strategic Plan Initiative and work on a plan to improve on our drop rates affecting our economically disadvantaged children, those with learning disabilities and English second language learners. Public schools are the foundation of our communities. They are the creators of leaders, innovators, civic-minded individuals and our citizens. By partnering with parents, students, and educators we can provide our children with the best opportunity at an education that only strengthens them but improves the world around us.

Advocacy. Transparency. Partnership

A promising and committed member.

As a member of the Plymouth School Committee, I am dedicated to serving the best interests of our children and our community. As a mother, a trauma nurse,  and community advocate, I bring a distinct perspective and approach. I will work to build productive partnerships that develop and promote a clear and collaborative vision which benefits Plymouth. Throughout my professional career and volunteer service, I have demonstrated a commitment to listening to all perspectives and working collectively towards common goals.

We, as a community, can strive to maintain our pledge to educational excellence and to ensure that we provide the highest possible standard of education in a way that is practical and accountable to our residents. Thank you for this opportunity.