Open Letter to the Plymouth Community

Dear Residents of Plymouth,

Our willingness to contribute our time and effort toward the well-being of the community in which we live, work, and play is what makes our town what it is.

I say that because it was the residents, Plymouth’s history, and it’s seaside charm that made me fall in love with this town years ago and ultimately decide to create roots and raise our family here. Due to that admiration, I find myself actively serving this community and its citizens.

My name is Vedna Heywood and I am a fellow resident, neighbor, and public servant. I’ve spent the majority of my life giving back to communities that have given me so much. My husband and I moved here over a decade ago because he wanted to return to the state he loved so much. We are the working class of Plymouth, my husband works in hospitality and I am a trauma nurse. Like so many Plymouth families, we are raising our young son and balancing the challenges associated with parenting, homeownership, work, and community engagement.

As a nurse in critical care, I am tasked every day with making crucial emergency decisions, implementing plans that affect the lives of my patients, and navigating through difficult conversations with families and the patients for whom I care.

As a current School Committee member, I am tasked with making difficult executive decisions – from budget to policies that impact our children, families, and employees I serve.

Our town is a remarkable community, filled with talented, hard-working and dedicated people who share a deep appreciation of the history and natural resources of our town. We have what it takes to make this a thriving, economically viable, sustainable community for our families, students, employees, seasonal residents, and tourists, if we seize those opportunities with clarity and commitment.

And because of these unique qualities, I believe Plymouth needs and deserves a voice on the Select Board that advocates for them whether it be for affordable housing, living wages or how we attain a pattern of sustainable economic growth. A voice in the adoption of comprehensive plans that spell out a specific vision for how the town of Plymouth will develop and protect the critical natural resources and open space that makes our town what it is today. A voice with vision and perspective that comes from a corner of the community currently not on the Board. A voice in emergency planning and resources related to public health. A voice in how to assess new project costs and fully account for the long-term maintenance expenses associated with such projects, including consideration from where that funding will come for both the immediate and long-term costs.

I respectfully ask for your vote on August 14th. It would be a great privilege and honor to continue to serve my community, this time on the Select Board. I will serve and represent Plymouth’s residents fairly, in an authentic and inclusionary way, and not just focusing on parts of our community, but the whole.

I will listen openly to the concerns of all community members with the goal of building a better Plymouth, one that thrives economically and maintains that “small town” feel in our neighborhoods. I want to engage and partner with this community; help create a shared vision for the future of the town; and invite everyone to take part in the work of achieving it. Encouraging community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions is one of my highest priorities.

With respect, grace and humility I pledge to help the citizens of Plymouth by promising to work wherever and whenever possible to move our town forward. I want us to build upon the Plymouth we love and create a path towards our next 400 years.

I respectively ask for your vote on Saturday, August 14.

Vedna Heywood

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